Teaching through Story: Indigenous Resources in Elementary Core French


Core french, Teacher Professional Development, District-level initiative, Metro Vancouver Region, 2017-2018


The redesigned curriculum includes new ideas for French teachers to incorporate. A group of teachers and the consultant took part in a cross-district collaborative inquiry about using stories and reading approaches to teach elementary Core French. In the third year of this inquiry the focus expanded to using indigenous resources in the Core French class. The ML consultant sourced out about $500 worth of books with indigenous content suitable for elementary Core French (these books were purchased at the end of 2016-2017 school year, for dissemination in 2017-2018). Tubs were created with these books and then the team of teachers in the collaborative inquiry used the books in their classrooms so these ideas could be shared through professional development. In the pro-d session, the instructional sample on the BC Ministry website, A Literacy-Based Approach in Core French video, set the stage for how to teach reading. These ideas were further developed with research and real, tried and true classroom examples. Teachers perused through the books, were given handouts with ideas, as well as time to talk about what they were learning. 


Teachers left the pro-d session invigorated about teaching through stories. The idea was very new to many of them, and the feedback we received was super positive. Some of the remarks included this being some of the best pro-d ever as well as gratitude towards all the different practical, ready-to-use ideas offered during the session and how relevant and practical for elementary Core French instruction. This has created a buzz around teaching reading and how to bring in the indigenous content and First Peoples Principles of Learning in Core French.


  • Name: Adrian Keough
  • Contact email: akeough@vsb.bc.ca
  • School district: #39 Vancouver