Taking Action for a More Inclusive Classroom


French Immersion, Teacher Professional Development, District-level initiative, Northern B.C. Region, 2017-2018


The purpose of the Action Research is to demonstrate that inclusive practices and mutual respect for all immersion students regardless of (dis)abilities and behaviors is attainable. The main objective of the research was to create an inclusive writing program for all students regardless of their abilities, strengths and limitations. The methods of research followed the action research cycle of planning, observing, reflecting and reporting. The research included an exploration of lesson delivery of a specific French writing program planned in recognition of the requirements of inclusivity within the context of French Immersion. The teacher-participants were two grade one French Immersion teachers in a classroom setting under the direction of the researcher. The action research yielded results such as an increase in writing output and motivation by most students in both classrooms. The writing stations served as a clear model that students can and do learn according to their strengths regardless of their limitations. The results led me to believe that creating an inclusive writing program will benefit all students in French Immersion programs.


The outcomes and findings for the writing stations surpassed our initial assumptions. We asked if a classroom teacher can implement an inclusive writing program in a grade one classroom to meet the needs of all learners. The clear answer is yes as is demonstrated in the outcomes for each station. Each station proved to have limitations and strengths but regardless all students were successful in at least one station. It was successful because it gave us a clear vision as well as goals for future inclusive practices. Here is a summary video of our project.


  • Name: Lynne Cote-Aubin
  • Contact email:  lcoteaubin@prn.bc.ca
  • School district: #60 Peace River North