Perspectives mondiales: Humanitarian Trip to Senegal


French Immersion, Cultural Activities, School-level initiative, Metro Vancouver. Region, 2017-2018


Twenty-seven students and three teachers from École Dr. Charles Best Secondary took part in a two-week humanitarian and cultural trip to Sénégal. The trip took place during Spring break (March 17 - April 1, 2018). While in Sénégal, our students volunteered with children in an orphanage, spent time with students in an elementary and a middle school, met young women in a trade school, visited and shared a meal and dances with the inhabitants of a traditional village and discovered the history and culture of the region with visits to museums and other significant places. In addition to the cost of the trip, students had to raise a minimum of $500US that was then donated to the schools and villages we visited. They also had to bring in-kind donations to give out to the groups we visited (clothing, school supplies, soccer balls). This trip is part of a course called Perspectives mondiales. Students must enroll in the course in order to participate. 


All those who participated really appreciated the cultural experience. It allowed them to interact with people in a French-speaking country and to get a better understanding of life in a developing country and the types of struggles people are faced with. Students came back with a greater appreciation for their life in Canada and how lucky they are to have access to education. We want to continue to offer the opportunity of taking part in such a rich cultural experience to our students. Our next trip will take place in Spring 2020.