Let's build a story: La Rûche et La Fôret


French Immersion, Core French, Cultural Activities, School-level initiative, Metro Vancouver Region, 2017-2018


La Rûche is located at Boundary Beach and at Annieville Elementary. At La Rûche and La Fôret students (FI k-3 and Core 6/7) experienced Story Studio where they learn by merging the elements of place with the power of story to invite, inspire and include all learners. Learners visit the outdoor places to learn in a hands-on, experiential way. While students explore and observe, stories of the place are woven into the experiences. 

At La Rûche at Boundary Beach students visit the forest, farm and beach to explore, observe and interact with the elements of place. At La Fôret at Annieville Elementary learners  explore the small ‘forest’ space adjacent to the playground. Learners then bring their learnings to the classroom space, the story studio, to transform their learning into story. Elements of story workshop are used and students have a choice in how to share their learning stories. Learners choose to share their story using loose parts, art supplies, iPads, photographs, oral retelling, in writing, or by combining different ways of storytelling.

At both La Rûche and La Fôret the Coordinator teaches and leads students in French songs and a place-based scavenger hunt. As well, a professional French Storyteller, Naomi Eliana Pommier Steinberg <naomi@goosefeather.ca> tells the students place-based stories in 
French and then before students leave, they partake in a cultural food activity (crêpes by Chouchou Crêperie).


Students engaged in French all day outside of their classroom. This made them see their French learning as a valuable asset that can be used outside of their classroom. Communicating in French is the whole reason for students to be taking French. La Rûche and La Fôret gives them the opportunity do so with Francophones. As well, both La Rûche and La Fôret allow French students to have the Story Studio learning experience while integrating French cultural activities. The students and teachers always leave pleased with the quantity of vocabulary learnt, the experiences had and the amount of French spoken. Both French Immersion (k-3) and Core French (6/7) Elementary classes came to La Rûche.