In a Class of its Own: Enhancement of Secondary French Immersion Program


French Immersion, District-level initiative, Metro Vancouver Region, 2017-2018


2017-2018 was the first year of a district-wide initiative aimed at enhancing the Secondary French Immersion (FI) program. We successfully implemented two new courses: Culture et Communication 9 and Carrières et Leadership 10 at two of our Secondary FI sites.  

In Culture et Communication 9, students participated in project-based learning experiences, which emphasized oral language skills and the creation of artifacts/products for an authentic audience (e.g. the development of multi-lingual audio guides in French, English, Farsi and Squamish for the local Gordon Smith Gallery's Aboriginal Art Exhibit). This was an exceptional new experience for these students. In Carrières et Leadership 10, students developed their leadership skills in organizing the first annual Career Fair in French, inviting over 20 Francophone community members to share opportunities for students to pursue bilingual career paths. 

This summer teachers will develop course frameworks for Éducation physique et santé en plein air 8, Culture et communication 11/12 (including the implementation of a District exchange trip to France, Culture and Communication), and Carrière et Leadership 10 Online version.


The response from students and parents to the new courses in Secondary French Immersion has been overwhelmingly positive with regards to student motivation and opportunities for them to practice their French oral language skills and engage in more relevant, real-world learning in their second language.  


  • Name: Dr. Joanne Robertson
  • Contact email:
  • School district: #44 North Vancouver