Hanging out with the Bonhomme: Québec City Trip for Carnaval


French Immersion, Cultural Activities, School-level initiative, Northern B.C. Region, 2017-2018


Who: Karen Andrews, Shawn Dando, and Julie Fortin-Koga
When: January 26 - January 31, 2018
What: Three teachers, and one other adult male chaperone, took a group of twenty-five Middle and Secondary School students to Québec City to attend, participate in and be fully immersed in French Canadian culture during Québec's annual "Carnaval d'hiver" celebrations.
How: The group flew from Terrace, BC, to Québec, Quebec as a group; lodged, dined and experienced the blustery splendour of Carnaval together before returning safely home following their four-day odyssey back East.


The trip was overwhelmingly positive for all of the students involved. Their French language skills were truly put to the test and the rich cultural and culinary experiences will not soon be forgotten.

Students returned to Terrace with a deeper appreciation of their own French language skills and saw firsthand - perhaps for the first time - how valuable a tool their knowledge of a second language is.