Five year Plan: Collaboration, Mentoring and Growth


Core French, Teacher Professional Development, District-level initiative, Kootenay-Boundary Region, 2017-2018


We met as a collaborative team with a vision to create learning opportunities for both teachers and students of French as a second language (FSL). We aspire to bring the district together in order to celebrate French language and culture and grow enthusiasm for second language learning and teaching across the district. We have a five year plan that embraces second language curriculum, professional learning for teachers, and cultural opportunities for students and teachers. At least once per year, our plan involves creating cultural opportunities to collaborate and join classes together district-wide and creating professional learning opportunities for all French teachers in the district to meet and share resources and units. As a team we have committed to creating mentoring opportunities to team teach and collaborate with teachers interested in growing their competencies in second language teaching and we have started plans for a Carnaval d'hiver to take place in December for intermediate students, using (a) high school class(es) as supports.


In the end we were successful at creating a five year plan to enhance the cultural and language development of both FSL teachers and students in our district.  We have an action plan we can implement and we are committed to meeting 3-4 times/yr to learn, create, adapt and grow as FSL teachers and leaders in our schools.