Excellence and Courage: Taking the AP French language & literature 12


French Immersion, School-level initiative Fraser Valley Region, 2016-2017


A teacher at Walnut Grove Secondary embarked on full implementation the new Français Langue (FRAL) 12 curriculum and concurrently provided students with an opportunity to complete the Advanced Placement (AP) French Language & Culture curriculum. Supported by technology and using a project-based, personalized approach, students completed an intense program of study that prepared them for both the AP French Language & Culture exam and the rigorous FRAL 12 exam. Mme Legentil presented a wide range of authentic cultural and literary themes and topics (both historical and contemporary) for students to explore. All assignments and assessments were designed to prepare students for both exams.


Interested students chose to take the AP French Language & Culture exam in mid-May. We are currently awaiting results. Students who score 3 (Qualified) or higher on three or more AP exams will receive the AP Scholar designation. Parents and students alike report high degrees of satisfaction at being offered this unique opportunity to attempt more challenging course work as graduates of the District’s French Immersion program. The initiative aligns with our Core Values of Excellence and Courage.