Célébration de la Langue Française


French Immersion, District-level initiative, Fraser Valley Region, 2016-2017


In an effort to modernize our Concours, and to inject new enthusiasm for this important skill, we moved our "Concours" to May, and changed the requirements to make a more "TED Talks" version.   Students were required to present on a topic of their choosing, using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or other similar software, in an "ignite" format (limited time per slide). It was less of a memorized 'perfect French' presentation, and more of an authentic demonstration of the students' real abilities in spoken French. The event took place in our Immersion High School's theatre, which was a nice place for these elementary students to present. Parents and other members of the public and district leadership were invited to attend. Students were offered prizes of French books from a local French bookseller, who was at the event.  We used four high school French immersion students as our panel of judges.  They did a great job of making comments in French to the presenters.


There was a wonderful celebratory atmosphere, much more informal and relaxed than previous 'stuffy' concours presentations. Student engagement in both the preparation and the presentations was clearly higher than in previous years. One teacher commented that it was the best she had ever attended, and one of her favourite French events to date - and she has been teaching for close to 40 years.