Building a French Immersion Road to Secondary


Core french, Thompson-Okanagan Region, School-level initiative, 2016-2017


The secondary school in Oliver does not have a French Immersion program; however, to support the students and families of the elementary French Immersion program, South Okanagan Secondary School began a progressive French Immersion program that will lead to an Advanced Placement (AP) French program in 2 years.


Families were satisfied with the response from the high school as well as the vision for AP French in light that it is a small community where numbers cannot support a full French Immersion program nor a secondary immersion program.  The majority of students are enrolling in an intensive French program n their grade 10 year.


  • Name: Marcus Toneatto
  • Contact email:
  • School district: #53 Okanagan Similkameen