An Initiative buffet: Core Competencies, Technology, Learning Sprints and Problem-Based Opportunities and French learning


French Immersion, Teacher Professional Development, E-technology, District-level initiative, Thompson-Okanagan Region, 2017-2018


Core Competencies – Core competencies are integral to the new BC curriculum. Much effort has been put into teaching teachers how to incorporate this learning into their lessons, as well as making students aware of where they are on the competency scale and how to create a plan to move along that continuum

French and Technology – Technology is a powerful way to engage students in second language learning. Using Spheros and Blue Bots provides students with opportunities to use their emerging language skills for a purpose. Mystery Skype activities allow for authentic communication in French with other French speaking students around Canada.

Learning Sprints focused on developing oral speaking skills in French immersion. Teachers came together to discuss possible ways to solve the learning challenge of students being reluctant to speak in French and try out various interventions such as the use of Talking sticks.

French problem-based learning (PBL) opportunities incorporated deeper learning using French for French immersion students by allowing them to extend their learning into real life situations for an important purpose such as fundraising to help bring water to communities in Africa 


Core Competencies workshops were delivered to our teachers throughout the district, but it was important to have some materials in French. Teachers found these workshops successful because although there were some components created for their use, they also had an opportunity to co-create content and work with their students on student-friendly language components.

French and Technology was successful for our teachers and students as we were able to deliver the learning in French. Students worked in French, learning the terms and components of the work. This series of events was described as one of the most interesting and powerful of the workshops we delivered this year. Teachers and students truly had fun with this work!

Learning Sprints were successful because it was an opportunity to discuss how to better support our students. Teachers learning and supporting each other in sprints and PBL environment allowed for us to learn from each other; ultimately that work benefits us as professionals and our students as learners.


  • Name: Lisa Carson
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