A Sweet Resource Kit: Cabane à Sucre


Core french, District-level initiative,Thompson-Okanagan Region, 2017-2018


This year our elementary coordinator created a Cabane à Sucre resource kit available to all elementary Core French teachers. The kit contains all the equipment necessary to make a "tire à l'érable" -- from hotplate, to pots, to snow receptacle, to infrared thermometer. The coordinator toured the elementary schools and team-taught the unit with almost all Core French teachers. In the unit the students learned about what is a Cabane à Sucre, what foods are consumed, how to dance La Bastringue, and to sing a song. All this culminated with a lesson on how to make maple syrup taffy and the etiquette on serving and eating. Now that the teachers have had an experience with this part of French Canadian culture, they are able to replicate the unit in their classrooms in following years. Along with the physical resource kit, the teachers have access to a PowerPoint presentation as well as the information for singing and dancing. There are a number of projects that have made their way onto our google site site such as French folk dancing and modern French pop music activities.


The students really enjoyed the activities and the whole project can be seen as a great success. The effectiveness of the project will be determined when we see how often the resource kit is signed out of the District Resource Centre.