A Model Space: Teaching Studio - La Tanière


French Immersion, Teacher Professional Development, District-level initiative, Metro Vancouver Region, 2017-2018


The Teacher Consultant for French and French Immersion is keen to support the professional learning of our French Immersion teachers (K to 7). She spent time this year preparing and regularly using a demonstration classroom in an available space in an elementary school. She focused on designing a flexible learning environment within a space that looks like a traditional classroom. Our goal is to increase the number of responsive learning environments for our French Immersion Learners. Her work helps teachers visualize making similar changes to their own classrooms, because they are able to see themselves within the space. She also uses the space to hold professional learning opportunities for French Immersion teachers and administrators (K to 12), to demonstrate lessons that embrace the redesigned curriculum, and to co-teach with teachers who bring their classes to La Tanière on a "field trip". Staff not only see the space, but see the pedagogy of its use.


Both staff and students enjoy the space -- students because it is a creative and non-traditional space, and teachers because they can imagine  both making similar changes to their own classrooms, and using the space in the way the teacher consultant demonstrates. Seeing their students learning in a new space and in a creative way encourages innovation at their own schools. When teachers and students are learning in La Tanière they are able to realize  the connection between the learning environment and pedagogy.  For example, the responsive environment encourages personalized learning and fosters students' voices. It also encourages backwards design and big idea learning. The administrators report that they enjoy meeting in a space that is creative and where they know student and staff learning occurs. Without the 1.0 FTE teacher-consultant, La Tanière would not have the same impact on our educators.