A Greater Sense of Belonging: Building Flexible, Inclusive and Innovative Classrooms


French Immersion, District-level initiative, Teacher Professional Development, Vancouver Island Region, 2017-2018


Based on the OECD "7 Principles of Learning" our schools have been focusing on one or two of these principles the last few years. This year our focus has been on developing inclusive classrooms. Shelley Moore has presented to all of our educators district wide and has worked with school teams to:

1. Build our background knowledge with regards to what an inclusive schools and classrooms looks, sounds and feels like,

2. Examine our own practices within our own schools and classrooms as they relate to inclusivity,

3. Play with some of Shelley's tools and strategies to support inclusion and

4. Develop plans to make our own schools and classrooms more inclusive.



The result of Shelley's visits exceeded our expectations!  Feedback from educators throughout the district was extremely positive.  Educators shared that through guided reflection on their current practice, Shelley created a sense of urgency to try something different.  While we have many practices that are fundamentally inclusive there are still areas in our classrooms and schools that need re-visioning so that more  students can experience a greater sense of belonging as well as increased academic and social success.

Two follow-up visits with Shelley provided school teams practice using some of Shelley's tools and strategies.  This side-by-side support was welcomed and has given educators greater confidence as they work towards improving their practices whether in the classroom or at the school-wide level. 

We look forward to having Shelley work with us again this school-year.