Funding Support under Official Languages in Education Protocol (OLEP)

Last updated: September 19, 2023

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School District Financial Report Search

Every school year, school districts are required to report on how they spent the additional funding received for French education programs. To access these reports, please use the search box above.

Enter a keyword or keywords (e.g., school district and school year) and click on the magnifying glass search symbol. You will be able to refine your search afterwards.

School district funding

2023-2024 school district funding allocations

With support from the Government of Canada, the British Columbia Ministry of Education and Child Care provides additional funding to independent schools and school districts offering French education programs (e.g. Francophone, French Immersion, Intensive French and Core French programs).

The following grants are available to school districts:

  • Learning Assistance Grant
  • E-Learning Technologies Grant
  • Learning Resources Grant
  • Teacher Professional Development Grant
  • Cultural Activities Grant
  • Core French Grant
  • French Immersion Grant
  • Intensive/Enhanced Core French Grant

To learn more about each grant (purpose, criteria, funding formula, etc.), please consult the French Funding Guide (PDF).

Additional French Second Language Funding for French Immersion Programs (2021-22 to 2023-24):

  • In March 2022, the Government of Canada announced that B.C. will receive $22M in additional funding to support French as a Second Language learning and help students across the country achieve greater levels of bilingualism.
  • The additional funding supports the growth of French Immersion programs and reduces waitlists in French Immersion programs across the province.
  • The distribution of B.C.'s additional funding is as follows:
    • 2021-2022: Funds were distributed to school districts through a proportional 15% top-up, as well as invested in the acquisition of shared online licenses for French Immersion resources.
    • 2022-2023: Funds were distributed to thirty school districts who outlined their plans to support French Immersion programs through growth initiatives. Funds were also invested in French Immersion teacher bursaries and online learning.
    • 2023-2024: Funds will be distributed to school districts that can invest funds in French Immersion program growth, as well as teacher bursaries and new projects that reduce waitlists and increase access to French Immersion programs.