School District 39 - Lord Strathcona Community Elementary

Lord Strathcona Community Elementary

Project Status: Occupied

City/Town:  Vancouver

Project Scope: This project includes seismically upgrading the heritage buildings. This project is the first building in Canada to use seismic base isolation to minimize the impact of an earthquake. Base isolation connects the building foundations to the main building structure with specially engineered rubber buffers. The rubber allows the building to move sideways up to 25cm in any direction during an earthquake, dampening the energy of the seismic waves.

The project will also include additional space for a Neighbourhood Learning Centre to serve the school and area residents through an expanded partnership with the Lord Strathcona Community Centre. The centre will feature a larger music room, youth and family counselling, enhanced library for French immersion, a performance space, out-of-school care and a learning exchange centre.

Estimated Project Value: $ 25.6M

Estimated Project Milestones:

  • Tender and Award: Complete
  • Construction Initiation: Complete
  • Occupancy: January 2018

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School District Project Contact

James Meschino
Director of Facilities
Planning, Development, Operations, Maintenance & Construction