School District 61 - Campus View Elementary

Project Status: Occupied

City/Town: Victoria

Project Scope: This project includes the seismic upgrade of 4 of the 5 blocks that make up Campus View Elementary providing 400 students a safe school. The upgrades will include adding 12 concrete restraint anchorages, consisting of concrete footings and shear walls, cast against the exterior of the building. Also, steel anchors will be installed to connect the shear walls to the roof.

The majority of the exterior construction work will be done between June 2018 and June 2019, while the interior work will be completed during the summer school breaks. This allows students to remain in school throughout construction.

Estimated Project Value: $2.4M

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Estimated Project Milestones

  • Tender and Award: Summer 2018 - Complete
  • Construction Initiation: Summer 2018 - Complete    
  • Occupancy: Spring 2020

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School District Project Contact

Jim Soles, Manager Major Capital