School District 43 - Banting Middle

Banting Middle

Project Status: Occupied

City/Town: Coquitlam

Project Scope: This project includes constructing a new, 550 capacity junior middle school to replace the current high seismic risk school. The new school will have 19 general instruction classrooms plus an additional three specialized classrooms for Music, Healthy Living, and a Technical Education shop. As well, the school will feature a 600 square metre gym, combined library and computer space, a multi-purpose room, and special education spaces. 

Estimated Project Value: $24.7M 

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Project Website

Estimated Project Milestones

  • Tender and Award: February 2017
  • Construction Initiation: Spring 2017  
  • Occupancy: Fall 2018    

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School District Project Contact

Ivano Cecchini, Executive Director, Facilities and Planning Services