Teaching and Assessment Tools

Kindergarten Learning Project

Use these field-developed and tested teaching and assessment materials to measure children's learning and development in the Kindergarten program.

Oral Language

Oral language provides the foundation for all literacy development. Talking about experiences and ideas builds the concepts used later in reading, writing, and numeracy.

Sample Assessment Profiles

Social Responsibility

Learning is an interactive process for young children, and the development of social responsibility goes hand-in-hand with oral language development.

Sample Assessment Profiles

Reading and Viewing

Kindergarten children develop as early readers through many experiences with different forms of text in a print-rich environment. 

Sample Assessment Profiles 

Writing and Representing

As young learners begin to comprehend printed material, they express their ideas in a variety of forms that often combine drawing, abstract symbols and oral explanation. 

Sample Assessment Profiles 


Early numeracy grows as children explore the everyday world of shape and space, patterns, and numbers through hands-on materials, games and number activities.

Sample Assessment Profiles

Student Portfolio

Student profiles and portfolios are useful in discussions with families, other educators, or resource persons involved in supporting student growth. Teachers create profiles and portfolios by recording observations on the assessment continua at several different points in the year. They also gather work samples and photographs that illustrate and supplement this information. A simple one-page summary sheet for organizing a student portfolio is provided in this section, along with examples of completed student profiles and portfolios.

Sample Portfolio Documents