K-12 Public Education Funding Model Review

In October 2017, government launched a funding model review to fulfill its commitment to ensure B.C.’s K-12 public education system receives stable and predictable funding.

The co-governors of B.C.’s K-12 public education system, the Province and the B.C. School Trustees Association, will work together to develop a set of shared principles for the future funding model and establish a solid foundation for moving forward.  Based on the shared principles, Ministry staff, in collaboration with the Technical Review Committee, will gather feedback from sector stakeholders, undertake research on possible models, and develop initial options for consideration.

A panel of K-12 sector representatives and independent experts will be selected by the Minister and announced this winter.  The panel will review and validate the options, further consult with stakeholders, engage Ministry staff and the Technical Review Committee to ensure testing of the model, and develop a final report and recommendations for government to consider.

As this review is technical in nature, the engagement will primarily focus on K-12 sector stakeholders including Boards of Education, partner organizations, and school district management staff.  Stakeholders will have the following opportunities to provide input into the funding model review:

  • Written submissions,
  • Surveys (i.e. Perspectives and Technical),
  • Meetings:
    • Regional meetings for senior school district staff,
    • One-on-one meetings with the panel, and
    • Other meetings where required by the panel to solicit further information on the current and proposed funding model.

The new funding model is anticipated to be in place for the 2019/2020 school year.  A summary of the approach and timelines for this initiative can be viewed here.

Questions about the funding model review can be sent to: k12fundingreview@gov.bc.ca