K-12 Public Education Funding Model Review

Government is currently undergoing a funding model review to fulfill its commitment to ensure B.C.’s K-12 public education system receives stable and predictable funding.

Guiding Principles

The co-governors of B.C.’s K-12 public education system, the Province and the B.C. School Trustees Association, have worked together to develop a set of shared principles for the future funding model and establish a solid foundation for moving forward. The new model will be guided by the following principles:

  1. Responsive: Allocates available resources amongst Boards of Education in consideration of unique local and provincial operational requirements.
  2. Equitable: Facilitates access to comparable levels of educational services and opportunities for individual students across the province.
  3. Stable and Predictable: Supports strategic, multi-year planning for educational programming and school district operations.
  4. Flexible: Respects the autonomy of, and does not unnecessarily restrict, individual Boards of Education in the spending of their allocations to further student success.
  5. Transparent: Calculates funding using a clear and transparent methodology.
  6. Accountable:  Allocates resources to Boards of Education in the most efficient manner, and ensures that resources provided are being utilized as intended

Independent Review Panel

The Minister of Education has appointed a panel of K-12 sector representatives and independent experts who will review the information gathered during the initial stages, further consult with stakeholders, and work with Ministry of Education staff to undertake any further research and analysis required. The panel members include:

  • Chris Trumpy, a former Deputy Finance Minister of B.C., Panel Chair
  • Philip Steenkamp, Vice-President, External Relations, UBC
  • Kelly Pollack, Partner, Human Capital Strategies and former CEO of the Immigrant Employment Council of BC
  • Lynda Minnabarriet, Secretary Treasurer, Gold Trail, SD74
  • Flavia Coughlan, Secretary Treasurer, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, SD42
  • Piet Langstraat, Superintendent, Greater Victoria, SD61
  • Angus Wilson, Superintendent, Mission, SD75

Stakeholder Engagement

In May 2018, the Panel concluded stakeholder engagement which was primarily focused on K-12 sector stakeholders including Boards of Education, partner organizations, and school district management staff. Stakeholders provided written submissions, participated in surveys (i.e. Perspectives and Technical), and attended meetings with the panel (i.e. regional working sessions, one-on-one meetings). A summary of what was heard from school districts during the funding model review process is available here:

Next Steps

The panel is now considering all stakeholder feedback and will be presenting a final report with recommendations for the Minister of Education this summer. The new funding model is anticipated to be in place for the 2019/2020 school year, with information provided to Boards of Education early enough to support their 2019/20 budget process.  A summary of the approach and timelines for this initiative can be viewed here: