School Enhancement Program

The School Enhancement Program (SEP) was launched in 2014 to help school districts extend the life of their facilities through a wide range of improvement projects. Eligible projects must be more than $100,000, but not exceed $3,000,000.

SEP projects that are eligible for funding are:

  • Electrical upgrades (power supply, distribution systems)
  • Energy upgrades (LED lighting, high-efficiency boilers)
  • Health and Safety upgrades (fire systems, indoor air quality)
  • Mechanical upgrades (heating, ventilation, plumbing)
  • Building Enclosure upgrades (roofing, exterior walls, windows)
  • Washroom upgrades
  • Flooring upgrades

Projects not currently eligible for SEP funding include, but are not limited to:

  • day to day wear and tear
  • painting
  • parking
  • driveway repairs
  • playfield repairs

These types of projects are most typically covered through the school district’s Annual Facility Grant (AFG).

To date, over $150 million has been invested through the SEP. In total, almost 600 school improvement projects across the province have been funded since the program launched.