Capital Planning for Kindergarten to Grade 12

Funding for public school buildings and structural improvements is shared between the provincial government and boards of education. Resources are allocated fairly and in a cost-effective way. How funds are used is publicly disclosed.

Here’s an overview of responsibilities under the capital funding model:

Role Responsibilities

Provincial government

  • Provide standards for the design and construction of schools
  • Allocate capital funds provincially, based on school district needs and government priorities

Boards of Education

  • Design / construct school buildings according to specified standards, including LEED Gold©
  • Ensure school buildings and grounds are safe, secure and properly maintained 
  • Operate / utilize schools as efficiently as possible
  • Submit capital plans to the ministry

The Process

Capital funding from the provincial government covers most of the capital costs for site acquisition, new school construction and school additions or renovations. Annual facility grants are also provided to districts in order to extend the useful life of school buildings through regular maintenance.

Boards of education submit capital plans that include details on school building priorities in their school districts. The provincial government establishes an overall capital budget for schools based the ministry's capital allocation. Each capital request is analyzed according to specific criteria and available resources are allocated to the highest-priority projects.


School districts will find these guides helpful when navigating the project procurement process. Learn about the procedures and communication tools used for the acquisition of sites, construction of new school facilities, and the expansion, renovation and replacement of existing facilities.

School districts may use industry standard contract documents for capital projects. However, the following risk management clauses related to insurance and indemnity should be used in all agreements with architects and other design consultants.

School Opening / School Closure & Disposal

School Site Acquisition Charge (SSAC) 

Sample Documents