School Act Related Regulations and Orders in Council


Table of Contents for this Section (PDF) BC Reg No or OIC No 
2018 Non-Residential School Tax Rates Order OIC 267-16 (PDF)
2018 Residential School Tax Rates Order OIC 268-16 (PDF)
Appeals Regulation BC Reg 024/08 (PDF)
Board Insurance Order OIC 1390/87 (PDF)
Class Size and Compensation Regulation BC Reg 52/12 (PDF)
Conseil Scolaire Francophone de la Colombie-Britannique Regulation BC Reg 213/99 (PDF)
Education Mediation Regulation BC Reg 250/00 (PDF)
Francophone Education Authorities Regulation BC Reg 212/99 (PDF)
Interest Rate Under Various Statutes Regulation BC Reg 386/92 (PDF)
Learning Improvement Fund Regulation BC Reg 53/12 (PDF)
Local Government Elections Regulation BC Reg 380/93 (PDF)
School Calendar Regulation BC Reg 314/12 (PDF)
School Regulation BC Reg 265/89 (PDF)
School Site Acquisition Charge Regulation BC Reg 17/00 (PDF)
School Tax Administration Fee Regulation BC Reg 138/91 (PDF)
School Tax Exemptions and Refunds (Approved and Eligible Hydroelectric Power Projects) Regulation BC Reg 144/05 (PDF)
School Tax Exemptions (Wind Power Projects) Regulation BC Reg 85/07 (PDF)
School Tax Remitting Regulation BC Reg 8/90 (PDF)
School Trustee Oath of Office Regulation BC Reg 382/93 (PDF)
Specialty Academy Criteria Regulation BC Reg 219/08 (PDF)
Statement of Education Policy Order (Mandate for the School System) OIC 1280/89 (PDF)
Tendering Procedures for Construction Contracts Order OIC 2002/84 (PDF)
Workers' Compensation Coverage Order OIC 344/11 (PDF)

 N B : Notes in brackets on the following pages respecting enactment of an OIC or Regulation are added editorially for the convenience of users and do not form part of the OIC or Regulation