K-12 Facilities Management

School districts have independently accomplished great savings in facilities management – even with the recent decrease in enrolments, many districts have realized increased facility occupancy rates and energy efficiencies.

A Facilities Management Working Group (FMWG) was established in April 2015, consisting of school district facilities directors and managers, secretary-treasurers and an assistant superintendent. The FMWG was formed to identify opportunities which may be considered, evaluated and ultimately recommended to government for implementation.

Facilities management data was collected from school districts and existing sources (e.g. SMARTTool, Employment Data Analysis System) in the summer of 2015. Based on an analysis of this data, the following areas are currently being explored by the FMWG: 

  • Custodial Services Standardization: Identifying opportunities in practice and equipment standardization (e.g. written standards and best practices guide)
  • Energy Management: Identifying opportunities to expand energy management and sustainability practices to the wider K-12 sector
  • Procurement: Identifying opportunities for collaborative procurement of custodial related supplies and equipment so that volume-based discounts and savings are realized
  • Shared Knowledge: Identifying opportunities to share best practices, knowledge and training across school districts to help support continuous process improvement and innovation