Managing School Health

School connectedness is about creating a school community where everyone feels cared for - safe, seen, heard, supported and significant. The focus is building strong positive relationships between students, staff, families and the larger community.

Join in the opportunities within your school or district to foster healthy physical, mental, social and intellectual development. The Comprehensive School Health Framework is internationally recognized. It highlights that physical, social and emotional wellbeing are interconnected to student learning.  

Promote health through education, policies, community partnerships and the surrounding school environment. Find out more:

Student Health

Handling medical conditions, reactions and pandemics: Ensure student safety by working with parents and guardians to tailor plans for students with specific medical needs. Also find out how to recognize key symptoms and learn what to do in an emergency.

Physical health: Raise the bar at your school – implement plenty of physical activities and healthy food strategies that will guide students in making healthier choices.

Mental wellness: Adopting a positive mental health approach strengthens student engagement and academic functioning. It also proactively addresses key relationship concerns such as the prevention of bullying and oppositional behaviours and attitudes.