Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools Information for Administrators

B.C. schools work to develop positive and welcoming cultures and are committed to providing good environments for learning.

Schools work to prevent problems through community building, fostering respect, inclusion, fairness and equity. Each school:

  • Sets, communicates and reinforces clear expectations of acceptable conduct
  • Teaches, models and encourages socially responsible behaviour
  • Works to solve problems peacefully
  • Places high value on diversity and defending human rights

Safe schools

Caring schools

  • Enable parents to advocate for their children’s well-being
  • Enable students to help each other
  • Promote appropriate adult-student relationships

Orderly schools

  • Plan for things to “go right” and are ready to respond appropriately if things “go wrong”
  • Minimize distractions from purposeful learning activities
  • Provide a climate of mutual respect and responsibility