Literacy is more than just reading and writing. It’s a key strategy which can help solve fundamental societal issues and economic challenges. At all stages of our lives, literacy is essentially about decoding information, events and situations so we can succeed and prosper. Now, more than ever before, literacy is all about making sense of the modern world. (From Decoda Literacy Solutions)

Community-led literacy programs support communities to build community networks, partnerships and relationships to enhance local literacy programming. Community literacy programs are about engaging community partners and giving them the tools to identify their own literacy needs, opportunities and programs and for building capacity throughout British Columbia. 

Public Libraries

Since 2005, has provided $6.5M to public libraries in British Columbia to support literacy and life-long learning. Libraries use literacy funds to expand their collections and services which support literacy in their community. Libraries are encouraged to use their grant funding in collaboration with other public libraries, federations and literacy organizations.

District Literacy Plans

Review the comprehensive literacy plans prepared by school districts in collaboration with community partners. The plans support all members of the community, from early learners to adults.

Council of the Federation Literacy Award (COFLA)

COFLA recognizes outstanding achievement, innovative practice and excellence in literacy. Thirteen, Council of the Federation Literacy medallions are presented annually, one for each province and territory.