Kindergarten-12 Data Collections

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Current Collection: May Data Collection

Files Due:  May 11, 2018

Please note:  The verification web application will be ready to process your May data collection 1701 files on April 3. This data collection involves all Public Continuing Education and Distributed Learning Schools and all Independent Distributed Learning schools.

Note for MAC users: Some users have reported trouble loading 1701 files using the most recent version of Safari. Current versions of Opera and Camino browsers have been confirmed to load 1701 files successfully.

Student Achievement Data Exchange (SADE) 

The thirs SADE collection for the 2017/2018 school year opens on Sunday April 1, 2018. Files should be submitted and released before midnight May 1, 2018.

Employment Data and Analysis System (EDAS)

The second EDAS collection for the 2017/2018 school year will open on  Sunday April 1, 2018. Files for that collection period should be submitted and released before midnight April 30, 2018. This is a joint project with the BC Public Schools Employers' Association (BCPSEA) collecting a broad range of data about staff in the public school system.

Course Registry

The Ministry’s online Course Registry is the most up to date source of information about BC courses (Kindergarten to Grade 12), including all Ministry courses, Board/Authority Authorized courses, LD and External courses.

Class Organization

The Class Organization Web Form is now open for you to review, modify, or test different classroom organizations through the remainder of the school year.  There will not be another formal data collection this year, so any changes you make to the data in the web form are only for your own use or information.

1701 Data Collections