Find your career and skills training programming champions – staff who make things happen and see the connection between career development education and student success.

Staff will increase their knowledge and understanding of career and skills training as programs and activities move from planning through to implementation and completion. All staff should continue to access the province-wide network of career development champions in other districts for sharing and building best practices.

As part of the planning phase, districts need to develop formalized job descriptions with roles and responsibilities for their key career staff. Building district-wide capacity includes working collaboratively and cooperatively throughout the system in a variety of areas: communication, promotion and marketing, partnership building, and program development. 

Programs and activities are most successful when staff cooperate and collaborate together on career education as a district-wide team. If a district-wide approach is not possible, using this kind of approach at the school level can also be effective.

Job Descriptions and Funding

Use the sample job desciptions and funding template to help hire and manage the right staff for career education in your district.

Build Personnel Capacity

Here’s an overview of some staffing options for various positions designed to support career and skills programming.

Level Position Responsible For…
District Careers Team Leader District Supervision
  • Leads network of “Careers” staff at Adult, Alternate, and Secondary in the process of developing district-wide strategies supporting Elementary and Middle Schools in a Career Development K-12 Adult framework
  Career Programs Administrator
  • Administration and management of district-wide personnel, department budget, K-12 adult career development and curriculum, career programs, student outcomes, careers events, activities, and development of “careers” team(s), and learning partnerships
  • Responsible for capacity building e.g. district-wide "careers" team and strategies
  • Prepares and implements plan for operations and strategies
  Career Programs Coordinator
  • District coordination of career programs and work experience (SSA, ACE IT, dual credit): secondary, adult, alternate
  Careers Curriculum Advisor / Coordinator
  • Development of scope and sequence of careers learning outcomes and activities; advisement for health and career education K-6, 7-9, Planning 10
School "Careers" Teachers

Supervised by Secondary School Administration

  • Coordinates activities with District “Careers” Administrator / Coordinator)
  Career Programs Coordinator
  • School coordination of career and trades programs and work experience (SSA, ACE IT, dual credit): secondary, adult, alternate
  • May include some teaching
  Career Development Facilitator
  • Collaborate with school staff to provide a career program
  • Assist students through career development initiatives
  • Liaising in community to provide access to students and staff in support of career programs
  Work Experience Teacher
  • Work placement coordination and teaching responsibilities for the work experience placement process
  Planning 10; Graduation Transition 12 Teachers
  • "Careers" education outcomes and transition preparation
  Careers Advisor / Counsellors
  • Career counseling and student advisement (e.g. inventories, resume building, scholarship applications, career events, course and program planning and transitions)
  Health and Careers 7, 8, 9 Teacher
  • Curriculum outcomes; key role in providing foundation for career awareness and exploration
  Health and Careers K-6 Teacher
  • Curriculum outcomes; key role in providing foundation for career awareness
CUPE   Supervised by District / School Administration
  District-based Careers Clerical
  • Supports District “Careers” Leader – communication and marketing
  • Manages student data and data requirements for Ministry and ITA, PS/ PPS – career and trades programs (ACE IT, SSA, dual credit, DL courses
  • Career news: website, district brochures, e-bulletins, posters, newsletters, 1701 data input
  Work Experience Placement Coordinator
  • Matching students with work placement and monitoring duties
  Career Centre Facilitator
  • Manage the information for the career centre, e.g. career resources, career events, portfolios, bursary and scholarships, resumes
  School-based Careers Clerical
  • Clerical support for the school-based “careers” team include managing the administrative data and reporting; communication materials
  • Career news: website, school brochures, e-bulletins, posters, newsletters