Career and Skills Training Toolkit

A life-long approach to career education is needed to make sure that students effectively connect to their future. Instead of offering guidance through one unit or course in a curriculum, make learning about careers and trades a fundamental component of ongoing student development.

The purpose of the Career and Skills Training Toolkit is to provide district-level superintendents, directors of instruction, and career coordinators the support and resources they need to implement effective career and skills training programs. The resources in this toolkit (manuals, templates, models, guides, web links, etc.), will be refreshed, added to and updated several times a year.

Get started – discover how to improve career and skills training programs at your school.

Need Help from a Mentor?

To further support your school district with your career programs, as an extension of the Career and Skills Training Toolkit the Ministry of Education has developed a Guide and provided training to qualified retired experts. These Consultants can serve as Mentors and are available to work directly with your district to support planning, programming and implementation activities for your career and skills training programs. We encourage you to contact a Mentor of your choice who may assist you with moving forward. Financial arrangements are between you and the Mentor.

Meet the Mentors:

Career Zones

Career Zone is a group of courses, certifications and work opportunities that BC high schools can develop to help students in Grades 11 and 12 get ready to pursue a career within a particular industry, while still meeting provincial requirements for graduation.

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