Advancement Via Individual Determination

BC AVID Pilot Sites

The BC AVID Pilot Sites were the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Education, the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, the Social Research Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) and the AVID Center, in San Diego, California. The partnership supported the Ministry goals of improving student achievement, and promoting a high quality performance-based education system.

The AVID program targeted students considered to be "academically in the middle" in their educational achievement, those traditionally underrepresented in post-secondary education, or who would become the first generation in their families to attend post-secondary school. It helped them work towards improving their academic records and supported them in planning and preparing for post-secondary studies. Key characteristics of the AVID program included:

  • an AVID "Elective" course in which AVID students learn Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration and Reading skills (WIC-R) conducive to achieving optimum learning outcomes
  • AVID tutorials to reinforce WIC-R learning techniques for use in all courses
  • the use of Socratic teaching methods
  • monitoring of student progress through the AVID data system and analysis of results to identify stumbling blocks
  • a holistic approach using AVID Site Teams to assist students in overcoming stumbling blocks. Site Teams included teachers, administrators, parents, counsellors and AVID tutors

Since its inception in San Diego, California in 1980, the AVID program has been credited with:

  • increasing academic records
  • increasing graduation rates
  • increasing enrolment in post-secondary academic programs
  • narrowing the achievement gap

To evaluate the potential of AVID in a B.C. context, the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation funded a five year research study involving 17 pilot sites and two cohorts. The participating schools spent the 2004/05 school year planning and training staff in preparation for the first offered AVID classes, in September 2005. The first Cohort of AVID students completed Grade 12 in June 2009 and second completed Grade 12 in June 2010.