Reciprocal Tuition

In 2009, British Columbia agreed to fund First Nations schools for student eligible to receive a provincially funded education. This program is called reciprocal tuition because First Nations remain responsible for tuition of students who lived on reserve but who choose to attend public schools.

Band-operated schools that are not B.C. certified independent schools need to complete an application to receive reciprocal tuition for eligible students. The application materials can be downloaded from the 2018/19 Reciprocal Tuition Funding Application Package

B.C. certified independent schools are not required to submit an application because they provide the necessary information when they complete the 1701 form.

The Ministry's record retention policy allows for data storage on site when the records (e.g. spreadsheets) are produced and continues for six months. At the end of six months, the data is destroyed. 

2018/19 Reciprocal Tuition Funding Application Package

  1. Cover Letter (PDF) for the Reciprocal Tuition Funding Application Package 2018/19
  2. An overview of the procedures (PDF) governing the Reciprocal Tuition Data Collection for Non-Independent First Nations Schools
  3. Quick reference instructions for completing Form 1601 (PDF) First Nations School Data Collection
  4. Form 1601: First Nations School Data Collection (PDF)
  5. Quick reference instructions for Reciprocal Tuition Student Data Collection (PDF)
  6. Sample student-level spreadsheet (PDF) or Sample student-level spreadsheet (XLS)
  7. Reciprocal Tuition Agreement (PDF) or Reciprocal Tuition Agreement (DOC) 
    (for first-time applicants only)
  8. A Reciprocal Tuition Checklist (DOCX)
    (which includes First Nations Schools Association school certification)
  9. Reciprocal Tuition Direct Deposit Application (PDF)
    (for first time applicants only and must be sent by mail or courier)