Public Libraries Statement of Financial Information

All public libraries and library federations that receive provincial grants are required to submit an annual Statement of Financial Information (SOFI), as per the Financial Information Act (FIA), section 2. The SOFI, along with the Provincial Library Grant Report and Annual Survey, form the accountability framework for BC public libraries. This framework assists the Libraries Branch in ensuring provincial priorities are met, and it should help libraries in internal assessments of their programs and services and financial health.  

The Ministry of Education's Libraries Branch is the main point of contract for your submission and ensures receipt and completeness of all library SOFI reports. If your report complies with FIA, the Financial Information Regulation (FIR), and the Directive (PDF), it is then reported to Ministry of Finance.

  • We may contact you directly for clarification, corrections, or omissions.
  • Non-compliance may result in delayed or discontinued payment of provincial library grants.

Submitting a SOFI

Deadline: May 15, 2018

  1. All documents must submit in seperate PDF files.
  2. Your submission must meet all Financial Information Act reporting requirements
  3. Email your completed package to with a subject line of “Library Name – SOFI – 2017”
  4. Contact Libraries Branch immediately if you are unable to make this deadline

Upon initial receipt of the your SOFI, you will receive an email acknowledgement.

SOFI Forms and Guidance

Required Documents
00 – Instructions Sheet PDF DOCX
01 – Table of Contents (Required) PDF DOCX
02 – Financial Information Act Submission Checklist (Required) PDF DOCX
03 – Board Approval Form PDF DOCX
04 – Management Report PDF DOCX
05 – Financial Reports (provided by library) N/A N/A
06 – Schedule of Debt (NIL) PDF DOCX
07 – Schedule of Guarantee and Indemnity Agreements PDF DOCX
08 – Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses PDF DOCX
09 – Statement of Severance Agreements PDF DOCX
10 – Statement of Changes in Financial Position PDF DOCX
11 – Schedule of Payments for Provision of Goods and Services PDF DOCX
Sample Schedules - *Completed for Reference Only
SAMPLE – Schedule of Payments for Provision of Goods and Services PDF DOCX
SAMPLE – Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses PDF DOCX