Issue 20-35: New: BC Provincial Housing Market Visualization Platform

March 3, 2020

Introducing the BC Provincial Housing Market Visualization Platform, a tool that offers British Columbians the opportunity to interact with B.C.’s housing data and use it to make informed decisions.

Clear view of B.C.’s housing market

The Province of British Columbia and other agencies collect a wealth of housing and housing market data as part of their regulatory and administrative authorities. The B.C. government wanted to develop statistics that would provide greater certainty about the state of housing in the province, including the role of foreign ownership, real estate as an investment or business strategy (rather than home ownership), and the regional impact of these issues.

Innovative application development

This application is the result of the Data Visualization Challenge, launched by Innovate BC in partnership with BC Stats in December 2016. The challenge aimed to develop a tool to visualize B.C.’s housing data in a meaningful and impactful way. Innovate BC and BC Stats invited innovators around the province to submit their proposed solutions to the challenge.

Ruby Industries Inc., a Data Science and Data Visualization consulting firm from West Kelowna, was announced as the winner of the challenge and got the opportunity to continue working on the project and develop the solution.

About the application

Platforms like this tool aggregate data from different sources and allow users to interact with the data, helping them to make evidence-based observations on the B.C. housing market. The application uses data under an open license, distributed by DataBC and Statistics Canada. The application’s code is also under the Province of B.C.’s open license. The application itself is hosted through a cloud service, a low-cost approach to providing access to technology infrastructure.

See for yourself - go to the BC Provincial Housing Market Visualization Platform