Issue 20-31: Selected Federal Election 2019 Statistics

February 26, 2020

Around three quarters (76%) of British Columbians turned out to vote in the 2019 Federal Election, just below the national average of 77%. This is three percentage points below the turnout in the 2015 federal election where 79% of British Columbians cast a ballot.

British Columbia had one of the lowest voter turnouts in 2019 among provinces, ranking seventh just above Newfoundland and Labrador (68%), and Manitoba (75%), tied with Quebec (76%). This contrasts with 2015, when British Columbia had the third largest voter turnout among provinces. Nationally, voter turnout rates remained unchanged between the 2015 and 2019 federal elections at 77%.

Almost half of non-voters in British Columbia (48%) cited everyday life or health reasons for not voting, being too busy to vote (23%), ill or disabled (13%) or out of town (12%). Thirty two percent of non-voters did not cast a ballot saying they were not interested in politics, while 5% identified issues with the electoral process including lack of proper documentation (such as proof of identity or address, voter card problems) or lack of information about the voting process.

Nationally, everyday life and health issues were the reason not to vote for 46% of Canadians, while 42% cited political reasons including not being interested in politics (35%) and electoral process reasons (5%).

Data Source: Statistics Canada