Issue 20-28: Food Services and Drinking Places

February 21, 2020

Receipts at food services and drinking places in B.C. inched up (+0.1% seasonally adjusted) in December. Sales at Canadian establishments were also up slightly (+0.1%) as revenues were higher in seven provinces. Canadian drinking places took in more revenue (+0.5%), as did full-service restaurants (+0.4%) and limited-service eating establishments (+0.3%). Meanwhile, sales among special food services saw receipts slow considerably (-3.2%).

Annual, 2019

Sales at B.C.’s food services and drinking places climbed 3.2% during 2019, one of the largest increases in the country. Receipts at full-service restaurants, which represent the largest share of provincial sales, jumped 4.1%, while limited-service eating places (+2.9%) and special food services (+5.0%) also fared well. Conversely, drinking places in the province saw a lacklustre year (-4.9%). Canadian receipts were up 3.5% in 2019, with all 10 provinces experiencing growth.

Data Source: Statistics Canada