Issue 19-59 Science and Technology

April 4, 2019

Federal government spending on science and technology (S&T) is expected to total $11.7 billion (current dollars) in the 2019/2020 fiscal year. Intended S&T expenditure is lower (-2.6%) than in 2018/2019, when spending was at $12.0 billion, and marks the second consecutive annual decline in federal spending on S&T.

A total of $7.6 billion (65% of federal S&T spending) is intended for research and development (R&D) in 2019/20, with the remaining $4.1 billion allocated for related scientific activities (RSA) such as data collection and information services. Most of the federal S&T spending is expected to go to funding for natural sciences and engineering ($9.0 billion), with the remaining $2.7 billion going to the social sciences, humanities and the arts. It is estimated that in 2019/20, there will be approximately 36,100 federal personnel engaged in S&T activities, a slight increase over the previous year (36,059).

Data Source: Statistics Canada