Issue 19-57 Drinking Water

April 3, 2019

British Columbians are increasingly turning to tap water as primary drinking source. Just one in eight (12%) B.C. households primarily drank bottled water rather than tap water in 2017. This percentage was down markedly from ten years prior (24% in 2007) and significantly lower than the Canadian average (20% in 2017). In fact, among the provinces, B.C. recorded the highest proportion of households who drank only tap water (83%) in 2017, followed by P.E.I. (76%). Bottled water, on the other hand, was most popular in Manitoba (26%), Quebec (24%) and New Brunswick (24%).

B.C.’s largest metropolitan areas differed slightly in their water consumption habits in 2017. Victoria residents (93%) were most likely to get their drinking water from the tap, followed by Vancouverites (86%). Residents of Abbotsford-Mission (82%) were comparably prone to choose tap water, whereas households in Kelowna were notably less likely to do so (71%).

Data Source: Statistics Canada