Issue 19-23 Grandparents

February 8, 2019

In 2017, there were 971 thousand grandparents aged 45 and older in B.C., according to the General Social Survey (GSS) on Family. This was up from 694 thousand in 1995.

The share of older cohorts of grandparents is also on the rise. For example, the share of British Columbian grandparents aged 75 and older jumped from just 20% in 1995 to 31% in 2017. Meanwhile, the share of those aged 45-54 dropped from 14% to 7% over the same period.

This is a nation-wide trend – the average age of grandparents in Canada was 68 in 2017, up from 65 in 1995. Women increasingly having children at a later age than in the past is a contributing factor to this pattern.

Today's grandparents also tend to have fewer grandchildren than in the past. In Canada, the average number of grandchildren per grandparent was four in 2017, down from five in 1995.

Data Source: Statistics Canada