Issue 19-114 Household Income

June 11, 2019

In 2017, the median after-tax income for all types of households (including both economic families of two or more persons and unattached individuals) in British Columbia was $52,120 (2017 constant dollars, includes employment income, dividend and interest income, government transfers, pension income and other income). B.C. ranked fourth among the provinces, just below the national average of $52,330. Only three provinces had median after-tax income above the national average: Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

Among B.C.’s census metropolitan areas (CMAs), Victoria ($55,800) had the largest average household income in 2017, followed by Kelowna ($53,740). At $51,740, Abbotsford-Mission had the lowest median income among CMAs, slightly below that of Vancouver ($52,000).

In British Columbia, couple families (with or without children) had a median income of $80,810, while unattached individuals had a median income of $27,830. The median after-tax income for lone-parent families in the province was $42,930 in 2017.

Data Source: Statistics Canada