Issue 19-09 Manufacturing Sales

January 23, 2019

Manufacturing sales in British Columbia were slightly higher (+0.3%, seasonally adjusted) in November, following a 1.5% decrease in the previous month. Non-durables were down 0.8%, partly the result of slowed sales from producers of paper (-3.4%) and petroleum and coal (-7.3%) products. On the other hand, sales by manufacturers of food products showed more promise (+2.0%). Among durable goods (+1.2%), increased sales by the wood (+2.7%) and fabricated metal (+1.5%) industries were among those acting to offset declining shipments from primary metal (-2.8%) and machinery (-1.0%) producers.

Canadian manufacturing sales were down 1.4% in November. Manufacturers in Newfoundland and Labrador saw the most substantial provincial loss, registering a 25.9% decline. However, in dollar terms, Ontario (-1.1%) and Alberta (-6.8%) were responsible for most of the national decrease.

Data Source: Statistics Canada