Issue 19-06 Canadian International Trade Data

January 17, 2019

A partial shutdown of the US federal government came into effect on December 22, 2018. This resulted in the closure of some government agencies, including the United States Census Bureau. Statistics Canada will not receive data on Canada's exports to the United States for the duration of the shutdown, directly impacting its ability to produce Canadian international merchandise trade data.

Consequently, the December 2018 reference month for Canadian international merchandise trade data will not be released as scheduled on February 5, 2019. As a result, BC Stats will be unable to produce the usual monthly B.C. Exports release.

Statistics Canada: “Under the terms of a data sharing agreement, Canada and the United States both use the other country's import data to produce their export statistics. Both Statistics Canada and the United States Census Bureau produce their national import data based on import documentation collected by their respective customs agencies. Canada's export data are therefore sourced from import documentation submitted to the United States Customs and Border Protection. Similarly, US export data are sourced from import documentation submitted to the Canada Border Services Agency.”

For more information on the potential impacts of the US government shutdown:  Statistics Canada