Issue 18-59 Average Weekly Earnings

March 28, 2018

Average weekly earnings of payroll employees in British Columbia (seasonally adjusted, current dollars) went up in January, increasing by $3.47 (+0.4%) to reach $961.09.

Compared to January 2017, average weekly earnings in British Columbia increased by 3.3%, ranking second among provinces. Growth was spread across most sectors, with the largest gains recorded in management of companies and enterprises (+22.7), and utilities (+17.0%).

Nationally, average weekly earnings grew by 0.2% compared to the previous month. Management of companies and enterprises (+2.7%), and finance and insurance (+2.3%) saw the largest increases for the month. Compared to January 2017, earnings increased by 3.2% to reach $995.90.

Earnings across the country ranged from a high of $1,406.01 in the Northwest Territories to a low of $838.61 in Prince Edward Island. Alberta had the highest average weekly earnings among provinces in January, at $1,147.23.

Note that average weekly earnings change due to a number of factors including wage growth, changes in occupation or job experience, changes in the average work week, and changes in the number of people employed in different industries.

Source: Statistics Canada