Issue 18-55: Employment Insurance

March 22, 2018

The number of people receiving employment insurance (EI) benefits in British Columbia decreased by 620 (‑1.3%) in January compared to December, to reach 45,630 individuals. The decrease was primarily due to a decline in the number of male recipients (-500 persons or -1.8%) although the number of female recipients also declined (‑120 persons or ‑0.7%).

The decrease in beneficiaries in British Columbia was widespread across census metropolitan areas (-230 persons or -1.0%), census agglomerations (-190 persons or -1.4%) and outside census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations (-190 persons or -1.7%). Among census metropolitan areas, Abbotsford-Mission observed the largest decline (-130 persons or -6.0%).

The number of EI claims (an indicator of the number of future EI recipients) went up by 4.5% in January compared to December. Claims increased in five of the provinces, led by Saskatchewan (+6.1%) and Ontario (+5.4%).

Nationally, the number of EI beneficiaries decreased in January, with 5,790 fewer people collecting EI, a 1.2% contraction compared to December. Although the number of women receiving EI declined in the month (‑100 persons or -0.1%), the decrease was almost entirely driven by fewer male recipients (‑5,680 persons or ‑1.8%). The number of EI claims went up by 1.7% in January to reach 236,690.

Data Source: Statistics Canada