Issue 18-33: Employment Insurance

February 15, 2018

There was a 1.2% decline (seasonally adjusted) in the number of people in British Columbia who received employment insurance (EI) benefits in December, compared to November. There were reductions in the number of EI recipients for both men (-1.2%) and women (-1.1%) and across all age groups.

The Kelowna Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) experienced the largest percentage drop in beneficiaries (-4.5% or 770 people), but the Vancouver CMA was the source of the greatest decline in number (2,230 people), despite a percentage decrease of only 0.1%.

Across the country, Canada saw the number of EI beneficiaries fall 1.1%, with reductions in every province except Newfoundland and Labrador (+0.1%). There were also increases in each of the Territories.

There was also a drop in the number of EI claims (an indicator of the number of future EI recipients) in B.C. in December, with 2.1% (seasonally adjusted) fewer claims compared to November. Nationally, claims rose 1.4%, with substantial jumps in Quebec (+7.0%) and New Brunswick (+5.1%). Ontario (+3.0%) and Newfoundland and Labrador (+1.3%) were the only other provinces to have an increase in EI claims.

Data Source: Statistics Canada