Issue 18-192 Manfacturing Sales

November 16, 2018

Sales of goods manufactured in the province inched up 0.7% (seasonally adjusted) in September. Wood (-1.3%) manufacturers continued to see a downturn in sales, and sales by food (-0.7%) manufacturers also slowed. More than a third of the total value of sales by British Columbia manufacturers originates in these two industries.

However, stronger sales for manufacturers of paper (+1.0%) and primary (+8.6%) and fabricated (+24.6%) metal products, along with several other industry groups, helped offset the decline. Overall, sales of both durable (+0.6%) and non-durable (+0.8%) goods were above August levels.

Canadian manufacturers’ sales crept 0.2% higher between August and September, with six provinces, led by Newfoundland and Labrador (+21.0%), posting increases. Among the larger provinces, sales were up in B.C., Alberta (+1.5%) and Ontario (+0.6%), but stalled in Quebec (-0.4%).

Data Source: Statistics Canada