Issue 18-190 Employment Insurance 2017

November 15, 2018

Nearly three quarters (70%) of British Columbians who were unemployed in 2017 had contributed to Employment Insurance (E.I.). Among contributors, 90% (61,100 people) were eligible to receive E.I. (contributors with valid job separation who had sufficient hours to qualify), one of the highest rates in the country.

Nationally, the share of eligible contributors was 84%, relatively unchanged from 2016. Along with British Columbia, the Atlantic Provinces recorded the highest eligibility rates in 2017.

Among recent mothers in Canada, 79% had insurable employment in 2017, up 3.0 percentage points from 2016. Of those, 90% received maternity and/or parental benefits in that year. The share of spouses or partners of recent mothers who claimed or intended to claim parental benefits in 2017 was 29%.

Data Source: Statistics Canada