Issue 18-167 Wholesale Sales

September 24, 2018

Wholesale sales in British Columbia rose 0.7% to $6.6 billion (seasonally adjusted) in July. The increase was led by the food, beverage and tobacco merchant wholesalers (+4.3%) and building material and supplies merchant wholesalers (+2.5%). Both subsectors saw month-over-month growth in sales during July after two consecutive months of declines.

Nationally, wholesale sales were up 1.5% to $63.9 billion (seasonally adjusted). Statistics Canada reported that the “personal and household goods; food, beverage and tobacco; and motor vehicle and parts subsectors led the gains in July.” Yukon had growth of 3.4%, and Quebec saw the largest increase of the provinces (+3.2%). Alberta was the only other province or territory that had growth higher than the national rate (+2.5%).

Source: Statistics Canada