Issue 18-161 Canadian Energy Usage

September 14, 2018

Energy use in Canada declined (-1.3%) in 2016, on the heels of another decrease recorded in 2015 (-0.3%). Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were also down in 2016 (-1.5%).

At nearly a quarter (24%) of total energy consumption, the residential sector remained the largest energy user in 2016, though this share was down slightly from the previous year (-0.2 percentage points). Households used an average of 75.8 gigajoules of energy per person, equivalent to the energy content in approximately 12 barrels of crude oil. Despite accounting for nearly a quarter of total energy consumption in Canada, households were only responsible for 19% of GHG emissions. This is due mostly to the fact that a relatively large share of residential energy use comes from electricity, which is not a direct contributor to GHG emissions. On a per capita basis, households emitted 3.9 tonnes of GHG emissions in 2016.

Data Source: Statistics Canada