Issue 18-149 Average Weekly Earnings

August 30, 2018

Average weekly earnings of payroll employees in British Columbia (seasonally adjusted, current dollars) were 2.0% higher in June compared to the same month of 2017, reaching $963.19.

Nationally, average weekly earnings were up 2.8% (to $999.74) over June 2017. The forestry, logging and support (+13.2%), real estate and rental and leasing (+9.8%), retail trade (+8.6%) and finance and insurance (+7.7%) sectors saw the largest boosts.

Earnings across the country ranged from a high of $1,415.53 in the Northwest Territories to a low of $834.19 in Prince Edward Island. Alberta had the highest average weekly earnings among provinces, at $1,142.75. All provinces and territories recorded increases in average weekly earnings compared to a year ago.

Change in average weekly earnings can be due to a number of factors including wage growth, changes in occupation or job experience, changes in the average work week, and changes in the number of people employed in different industries.

Source: Statistics Canada